YSRC social media warriors gear up for AP fight 2024


VIJAYAWADA: The YSR Congress has accelerated its efforts to strengthen the party’s social media base by appointing 136 district social media (SM) organizers as co-organizers under Mission-2024, and also to effectively neutralize the negative opposition party campaign on SM platforms. Social media plays an important role in elections to attract the masses, which had helped the YSRC in 2019. YSRC SM activists have fallen into despair over the past three years as very little attention has been given to them by the busy party with its rule of the state and even registering lawsuits against several hardcore social media enthusiasts. Recently, taking note of the unrest among them, the YSRC began efforts to appease them and offered them jobs in private companies through the party’s Job Melas. As the upcoming Assembly polls approach, the YSRC has decided to accelerate the party’s campaign using social media, not only to publicize the achievements of the Jagan government in the public domain, but also to firmly counter the campaign. defamation against him. by opposition parties. In June this year, the CM appointed four YSRC State Social Media Chairs namely Gurrampati Devender Reddy, Putta Sivashankar, Madhusudhan Reddy and Pamireddigari Madhusudhan. This week, Jagan additionally named 26 SM organizers and 110 co-organizers in 26 PA districts. Pagidipati Chaitanya was appointed SM coordinator for NTR district, Mir Asgar for Krishna district, Meka Venkataramireddy for Guntur, Mallikarjuna Reddy for Planadu, Indrasena Reddy for Kurnool, Janga Vinodkumar for Nandyal, Shashavali for Satyasai, Praveen Kumar for Annamayya, Naveen Kumar for Chittoor, B Kishore for Tirupati, Rawoofuddin Ahamed for Nellore, Pernamitta Rajeswari for Prakasam, Challa Sasidhar for Bapatla etc to the rest of the districts. The YSRC held a workshop for SM activists and presented kits with a Jagnanna Social Media Warrior t-shirt with its emblem and a picture of Jagan, an ID card, a cap, a pen and a badge. Political analysts claim that previously the BJP and Telugu Desam led in SM activities which helped them win the 2014 elections. The YSRC strengthened its SM wing in the 2019 elections and won the polls. Now the CM fulfills them with more enthusiasm and gives a boost to the SM wings of the party in the 26 districts and gives prominence to the militants by offering one official position and four co-official positions. YSRC General Secretary and Government Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna said the guiding principle across all wings of the party was the leadership of the Chief Minister and his social welfare agenda. The main objective of the social media wing is to create awareness that if Telugu Desam returns to power, all social welfare programs implemented by the Jagan government will be halted. …


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