When Swami Vivekananda touched the soul of the famous French opera singer Emma Calve


At that time, the whole world was in awe of the famous singer Emma Calve. Entire music lovers would forever want to perish under his feet. One day, while Emma was doing her show, the captivating audience became enraptured. But at the same time, her only daughter was engulfed in raging flames in her home. By the time Emma finished her show, her daughter had already perished in the fire. Devastated by this incident and driven to despair, she gave up dancing and singing. And at this point, her friend Ms. Adams said, “Emma, ​​in Chicago there is an Indian monk left. It’s an angel. Please come with me to him. You will see the end of your despair. Initially Emma disregarded this suggestion but later one day she went to see Swamiji (Vivekananda). Emma entered the house. Swamiji, dressed in an ocher robe, was in deep meditation. Without even a glimpse of Emma, ​​Swamiji spoke. “Your mind is very restless. In this world, nothing belongs to you! Emma in amazement said, ‘Swamiji, how do you know that my mind is restless? Swamiji said, “I can read your life like a open book”. After Swamiji’s words, Emma transcended into a different world. After returning home, Emma was back to normal as before. Emma renewed her performances with all her vigor. During this time, she had become a devotee total of Swamiji. Now another miraculous thing has happened. Emma Calve learned from Mrs. McLeod that Swamiji was in an agitated state of mind and was returning to his country. Hearing this, Emma came to see him and said, “Swamiji, kindly, don’t leave us now”. Swamiji replied, “I want to go back to my country, to die. Immediately after that, he said to Emma, ​​’I will die on the 4th of July.’ Swamiji had said sooner than he would cross his forties. When Swamiji gave his last so upir, he was 39 years, 5 months and 4 days old. Did he die according to his wish or his premonition? Until her death in 1942, Emma Calve remained a disciple of Swamiji. In her autobiography she writes:[He] truly walked with God, a noble being, a saint, a philosopher and a true friend. Her influence on my spiritual life has been profound…my soul will bear her eternal gratitude”. She also visited Belur Math, to pay homage to Swamiji’s guru Ramakrishna Paramahansa “The hours I spent with these gentle philosophers have remained in my memory as a time a share. These pure, beautiful and distant beings seemed to belong to another universe, a better and wiser world.


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