vj maheswari out from bigg boss tamil 6 house this week | The main person who will leave the Bigg Boss house this week


The five seasons of the Bigg Boss show which is being aired on Vijay Television has ended successfully and now the sixth season of the show is running successfully. Bigg Boss-6, which started last month with 21 contestants, has so far left three contestants. First GP Muthu volunteered to quit, followed by Dance Master Shanthi that week who left the Bigg Boss house with less votes. Then last week the original episode got evicted from the Bigg Boss house due to some erratic acts he did. After that, in the weekly eviction film, this time in the Bigg Boss house there are contestants like Vikraman, Aseem, Ayesha, Maheshwari, Ram, Thanalakshmi, ADK. From this it is now known that one person will leave the Bigg Boss house this week. Read more Hansika, who danced at her future husband’s first wedding… According to the viral video, contestant Ram is going to leave the Bigg Boss house this week after getting less votes. Also, Maheshwari, who has a different gender, says that there are more chances of leaving the house. In this situation, there is an expectation among the fans that who will leave the Bigg Boss house this week. Read more Doorathulathanda Comedy Kita Partha Terror… Vadivelu becomes the villain? Unbiased, uncompromising news in the palm of your hand! Follow us on social media to stay up to date with news and share your views. Like @ZEETamilNews on Facebook, @ZeeTamilNews on Twitter and https://t.me/ZeeTamilNews on Telegram. Download Zee Tamil News app now to get all kinds of news in Tamil like Education, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Health, Lifestyle, Social, Employment!! Android Link: https://bit.ly/3AIMb22 Apple Link: https://apple.co/3yEataJ


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