Vishal Ninna kutham wadda kutham.. I don’t go to that kind of place because of shame


Tamil Cinema News | Cinema News Vishal has opened up about his condition in a recent interview. Published on December 12, 2022 Actor Vishal’s movie Lathi, which is currently being released as a Pan India movie, is releasing in many theaters around the world on December 22. Directed by Vinod Kumar, the film stars Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu Muneeskanth and others. Meanwhile, actor Vishal is participating in some interviews for the promotion of this film. In a recent interview, actor Vishal was asked many questions to talk about himself. In it, the question was asked why you are not going to the programs conducted by other film industry. Vishal’s answer to explain it has caused surprise and laughter to many people here. Also read: Yogi Babu who is arrogant due to extreme development.. Vishal and Udayanidhi have been made ugly by the stage. In general, Vishal is a bit arrogant, does not respect anyone and does not do his job properly. However, Vishal is doing his work as usual without paying any heed to it. Meanwhile, actor Vishal said in that interview, “I don’t like going to cinema shows. Why is going to the audio launch of my film more than this is something that I don’t really like? Vishal also said that he is afraid of party programs hosted by movie celebrities. Also read: Super hit director’s pitiful situation.. Vishal, Karthi, Jayam Ravi who are constantly wandering and to explain this, if I go on any platform, I go with my head bowed, that is my habit. But seeing this, some elders on the stage will say that he is going to sing arrogantly without seeing anyone. Vishal said that it is because of this controversy that I have completely avoided participating in the programs on stage. While this interview of actor Vishal is currently going viral on social media, netizens are making fun of him saying that partying scares me. Vishal is also being questioned as to why he went from town to town to raise money for the building of the actor’s union if he does not like going to cinema shows. Also read: Vishal shakes the cradle after tearing the child.. Injustice done to Simbu


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