This will happen if Kamal Sir thinks in Big Boss’s house! – Cannabis Black Open Dock | Actor ganja karupu interview part 2


Have you been in the first season of Bigg Boss.. Did you call again? Ganja Karupu” Bigg Boss is the place to shout the lesson. Kamal, the world hero, was a headmaster for that. Avanagala Kamal Aiya will take him to the heights if he is natural rather than acting there. Bigg Boss sir who is with Kamal sir will also notice it and mark it. From here to there, some people are acting over there. Kamal sir doesn’t like that. Honesty has a future. When I first went there, I was surprised to see so many cameras. But one thing. If we stayed in that house, we can handle any other situation. I am still in touch with all the people who were there during my season. When we get time, we meet each other and talk. Snegan should have got an award that season. But, Aarav got it. Bigg Boss will be good only if Kamal sir conducts it. No matter who conducts the madha, it will not be right. Even if called again, I will not go. Because my profession is acting. I want to focus on that. I came to Chennai to act in cinema. Varali wants to go to Bigg Boss! Being in the cinema, I have noticed one thing. I want to be a running horse. If we look back while running, those coming behind us will overtake us. Now believe me, there are four films. Suddenly a call comes from Lokesh Kanagaraj sir’s office. What if I was in Bigg Boss at that time? A good opportunity slips away!”Doctor Ponnai got married.. how is life going?”Making a wife is a gift given by God. The doctor can tie the girl. But if they get angry, inject them. I have a good life. The reason why I got my wife is because of Balanne.. Amiranne. Because, many people thought to stop me from getting a girl. It was Balanne.. Amiranne who broke it. “Do you need a man to question you too” and guide me to marry that girl and raise a family in Chennai..”How did this Diwali go? What is special..? Kanja Karupu” Diwali is the most memorable festival for me. I have never shared my Diwali experience before. Because something happened to me that never happened to anyone else. I will be three years old then. Tomorrow is Diwali.. Our father died today. I didn’t know anything about this, so I asked my mother, “Mom, have you all put on new clothes? Are you going to explode? Are you going to have fun? Where do I have a new dress?” Diwali Illappa’nanga. From then till now I will buy new clothes for my friends, I will not dress up. I will not celebrate Diwali either.. ” Ganja Karupu’s voice broke and his eyes were troubled.


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