The exhibition “Dolls of Bengal” will be held from June 17

Bengal Doll Expo from June 17

Kolkata: The Ramakrishna Mission Cultural Institute is going to organize a unique exhibition titled Dolls of Bengal and Stamps of the World.

Swami Suhitanandaji, one of the vice presidents of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, will inaugurate the month-long exhibition on June 17.

Dolls play an important role in the cultural history of Bengal. The clay dolls of Krishnanagar are world famous along with the wooden dolls of Natungram in East Burdwan. Over the years, dolls made of metal, plastic, ceramic glass, bamboo, paper, jute, cotton, nylon have become popular. The dolls used in puppet shows are used for decorating rooms. Latex and rice powder dolls are famous and are made during different pujas.

The doll collection of Agnibarna Bhaduri, Inshita Basu Roy, Sourav Bera and Souvik Roy will be displayed at the exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the RMIC museum.

It is amazing to find that Swami Gitanandaji, former Vice President of Ramakrishna Math and Mission was an avid stamp collector. He became Vice President in April 203 and died in March 2014. His collection of stamps from 75 countries will be on display. Swami Gitananda ji joined the Order of Ramakrishna in 1946. As a young monk he used to collect stamps and keep them and this hobby he continued even after becoming a senior monk of the order of Ramakrishna.

A booklet containing paintings on maps by Nandalal Bose will be published during the exhibition.

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