How Swami Vivekananda’s ideals influenced Prime Minister Narendra Modi

[ad_1] When the NDA came to power in 2014, riding what the media and analysts called the Modi-wave, Narendra Modi’s people skills came to the fore, and how! The masses found it relatable. His social shrewdness, coupled with excellent oratorical and interpersonal communication skills, and the uncanny ability to lead without appearing dogmatic were qualities … Read more

PM Modi hails devotion to Maa Kaali by Indian saints, BJP urges TMC to ‘take a lesson’

[ad_1] Addressing the centenary celebration of Swami Atmasthananda on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed India’s holy tradition and proclaimed the vision of “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat”. Prime Minister Modi paid tribute to Swami Atmasthananda recalling his time with him. The Prime Minister said: “This event evokes a wide range of emotions and memories. He … Read more