GDP in the soup for misrepresentation of the facts on the revolt of 1857

[ad_1] Mentioning Swami Vivekananda and Ramana Maharishi as among those who influenced the First War of Independence of 1857 in “New India Samachar” earned ridicule at the Press Information Bureau with several including a historian, a politician and a party , asking how someone born after the event influences it. One of the infographics in…

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Fact Check | Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi Forerunners of the 1857 revolt? GDP is fake

[ad_1] BUT, WHAT IS THE BHAKTI MOVEMENT? A social movement, which probably started in Tamil Nadu, around the 6th and 7th centuries AD to empower those in the lower rungs of society. It was in the 12th century that the movement was started by Basavanna in the Kannada region. During this period, they produced literature…

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