Solve the flaws, Raja yoga will bear fruit


The inner human potential is immense. If it was completely unfolded, we would know no limits. The irony, however, is that due to our blurred vision, most of the landscape of our mind remains unexplored and, therefore, lies dormant. Ordinarily, we only have access to 5 to 7% of our mental space. The thought seeds stored there, which even include destiny pointers, generally direct our thought process, and therefore all actions on our part. As soon as a favorable ground becomes available, they come into play. The question now is: Are we entirely bound by our indicators of destiny according to general belief, or do we have the possibility of making the necessary repairs by conscious effort?

For the answer, we must examine the premise upon which fate rests. All species, with the exception of humans, are bound by the design parameters underlying their manufacture and have no possibility of making an exception. Human beings, on the contrary, enjoy the exclusive privilege of guiding their actions through choice and discrimination. But whenever the option of choice comes into play, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. And there’s nothing like a free lunch in this world. We will have to assume the consequences of the good or bad choices we make. Obviously, the intention behind the choices made and the actions that relate to them define what we become due to in life – good or bad. It is what binds us in a chain of cause and effect that follows one another, extending even to the next life.

So, apparently, it seems difficult to escape the consequences of karmic transference from the past, as they reflect our own actions and losses. If, however, we dig a little deeper, we might find that this is only a half-truth. We forget that the same option of choice would also enjoin us with the capacity to make a conscientious choice to make the necessary repairs. The mind is a versatile instrument, which could self-reflect on its own thought patterns. If you examine them dispassionately, they can illuminate our tendencies of desire and mind, with all their positives and negatives. We can then identify and recognize our potential and our fault lines. After that, we could make amends with new educational inputs. Also, refine our potential. Not just that, after going beyond the limits of the mind, we could expand our vision and thus our mental power to do our best.

No wonder Swami Vivekanand used to say, “The history of the world is the history of a few men who had faith in themselves. Faith calls the divinity within, you can do anything. You fail only because you do not strive hard enough to unfold immense inner power.

It just implies that if you fail in life, it’s not necessarily because fate would be so scripted. It is rather for lack of effort necessary to unfold an immense potential within, dormant until now.

I had to explain this when someone could not understand how the raja-yogas in the chart alone do not ensure good fortune. The necessary ground for their flourishing must be created by addressing the limiting tendencies of the mind that stand in the way. The person had come seeking advice on why his son’s potential was not bearing fruit. His son’s career had been prone to unwanted twists and so had not stabilized despite being in his late thirties. This, despite a good academic training. A look at astrological pointers can shed more light.

The 9th lord Moon in the 10th house, read with the 10th lord Sun conjunct with the 5th lord Jupiter, forms a very strong raja yoga. But the mind’s limiting tendencies have messed with its positives. Karmic Saturn conjunct Ketu makes him an escapee. Usually, he postpones his initiatives for tomorrow. Also, avoid facing challenges head-on. Moon placed opposite Neptune makes him glued to his whimsical dream perceptions, often remote from the realities on the ground, and reluctant to look beyond for a reality check. He wouldn’t recognize the truth when he first appeared. He instead continues to passionately pursue his beliefs about hope against hope until he is pushed to the wall. Venus placed opposite Uranus and the Sun, makes it too touchy and sensitive. Therefore, he overworked himself even on trivial matters, and continued to ruminate and contemplate for a long time unnecessarily. Mars in house 4 placed opposite Uranus makes it capricious. When things don’t work out the way he wants, in the heat of the moment, he can temporarily lose his sense of purpose. The result is there to see.

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