SIDBI, Ramakrishna Mission to Establish Vocational Training Center in Sohra


The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has in principle agreed to support Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra in Meghalaya for the establishment of an alternative livelihood center to be named “Swavalamban Alternate Livelihood Unit for The East” (Salute) .

Assam Kaziranga University Admissions

The Sohra center in Meghalaya will organize professional courses in weaving, sewing, fashion design, knitting, embroidery, product development, etc.

“Priority target segments will be school dropouts, skilled but unemployed, unemployed in need of skills, migrants during COVID-19, unserved/underserved segments, etc.,” a statement from SIDBI reads.

V Satya Venkata Rao, DMD, SIDBI and Maharaj of RKMA in Sohra entering 100 years of existence jointly announced the Salute initiative.

Maharaj mentioned that the support for the initiative brings strong resolve from SIDBI and RKM to institutionalize Swavalamban culture in the state and the North East. He mentioned that RKM operates 77 schools and organizing co-branded skills courses will integrate school dropouts through swavalamban.

On the occasion, Rao said that it was an initiative of SIDBI as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship and also to support the sustainable emergence of young people from the northeast where they explore and adapt to alternative livelihoods in the northeast. Region.

On this occasion, Maharaj informed about the activities undertaken by the ashram and the achievements of the existing Swavalamban Center already running with the help of SIDBI for the improvement of women’s skills for sewing and textile design. He also thanked SIDBI for their support in providing an ambulance equipped with lifesaving equipment during the peak of COVID-19 and the facility helped the ashram provide timely medical facilities to a few hundred people. in need from out of state locations.


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