Shah Rukh Khan stopped at Mumbai airport


Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who arrived in Mumbai by a private flight from Dubai, was detained by customs officials on Saturday. According to the officials of the aviation department, ‘Shah Rukh Khan and his bodyguards arrived at the Mumbai airport from Dubai at 12.30 am on Saturday. When their bags were searched, watches worth Rs.17.86 lakh were found. Shah Rukh Khan and his bodyguards were detained at the Mumbai airport as customs duty of Rs 6.88 lakh was to be paid and the payment center would be opened early in the morning. After about an hour, the customs officials allowed Shah Rukh Khan to leave alone. As soon as the customs duty payment center was opened early in the morning, Shah Rukh Khan’s bodyguard left after pocketing Rs 6.88 lakh,’ he said.


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