Samantha: I'm nervous... emotional actress again Samantha... heartwarming post! - Actress Samantha extremely nervous.. reason reveals - Awakening India

Samantha: I’m nervous… emotional actress again Samantha… heartwarming post! – Actress Samantha extremely nervous.. reason reveals


Actress Samantha shared a heartwarming post on her Instagram page. Actress Samantha is a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Samantha, who has been acting opposite many leading actors, has recently been acting in roles that give importance to the heroine. Bigg Boss Tamil 6: Thanaletsumi is a rich man… Bigg Boss said a lie… Putu Putu Vaita Friends! Yasoda. Directed by Hari-Harish, this film stars Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Sampath Raj, Madhurima and others. Music composer Manisharma has composed the music for the film. Very cool… Mahalakshmi condemned Ravindra! Actress Samantha has played the role of Yashoda as a surrogate in the film. This film is releasing tomorrow. Samantha, who is suffering from muscular inflammation, is also participating in the promotional activities of this film. Samantha has shared a post about the film on her Instagram page. Nayantara still smothers in glamor even after marriage! I’m nervous Samantha shared a photo with her fingers crossed, saying that she is very nervous and especially excited. There is only one more day. Best wishes to all of you Yashoda. Nayanthara who got her wish in 4 months! Your verdict… Good vibes to my directors, producer, actors and entire crew who are waiting for your verdict tomorrow like me… I am very excited… this is what actress Samantha said on her Instagram page. As the film is releasing tomorrow, Samantha is in a state of tension.


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