Saisha’s pleasant surprise on Arya’s birthday.. Photo going viral on the internet


Photos | Sayisha has given fans a big pleasant surprise by saying that the photos are Arya’s birthday. Published on December 11, 2022 Last year’s Sarbhata Paramparai starring Arya was well received by the fans. This year’s film Captain, which was released in his role, did not go as expected. Arya is currently acting in a new film directed by Muthiah. In this case, Arya got married to Saisha, who acted with him in films like Teddy, last year in 2019. They have a daughter named Ariana. But they did not publish any of his photos on social media. Also Read: 5 films that gave Arya a name. Sayisha has given Arya’s fans a pleasant surprise. Almost a year after giving birth, Saisha shared a photo of the baby on her social media page. The photos are now going viral on the internet. And to Arya you are a great husband, a great father and a great man. Saisha mentioned that you are the biggest blessing in my life. Also Read : Muthiah’s Muthuramalingam poster with Badshah Rajini..Arya looks like a mad lion, fans are now commenting that she looks like Saisha after seeing Ariana’s photo. Also, screen celebrities and fans are wishing Arya on her birthday. Arya-Sayyeshaa Arya-Sayyeshaa Also Read : Arya who dances head and feet even after failure.. How many years are you going to run with one film


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