On a rewarding mission


“Bahujana Hitaya, Bahujana Sukhaya” is the principle that has permeated deeply in an organization that for 90 years has been committed to the welfare and happiness of many. Peerless has gone beyond just creating wealth for the common man. He strove to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. From gender equality to ensuring environmental sustainability and conserving natural resources, and from protecting natural heritage to comforting war widows, Peerless has played an active role in nation building over the of the last century by contributing to society for the holistic development of people at the micro and macro levels. During its evolution as a responsible organization, the dissemination of knowledge through formal education and the improvement of professional skills have undoubtedly occupied a central place in its functioning. By empowering adults through work-oriented courses and igniting young minds with the fire of learning, Peerless has helped empower people. Since October 2021, Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa (GAP) has been working to promote the holistic development of underprivileged children in Bankura & Hooghly districts, West Bengal through various programs implemented with the financial assistance of Peerless General Finance & Investment (PGFI). GAP nurtures the younger generation so that they can grow as all-rounders ready to step into a brave new future filled with hope and joy, as well as myriad challenges. Particular attention is paid here to the overall growth of children from less developed communities and weaker sections of society. They are taught to read and write, and the youngest receive lessons in science and humanities. To enrich them beyond formal education, GAP helps them learn music and recitation, and gives them basic training in performing arts such as dance and drama. Most importantly, they receive nutritious meals and GAP ensures that they receive a balanced diet that is clearly reflected in their physical growth and development. “I like coming to GAP because our teachers teach us with gentleness and understanding. There are four computers here and a lady teaches computer science. We have a lot of sports equipment and we like to play together. Maharaj tells us stories moral stories that we listen to carefully.” said Shibangshu Malik, an enthusiastic student. The teachers and facilitators who work for GAP are like missionaries dedicated to the welfare of the students. GAP teacher Bidisha Das feels very lucky to be associated with GAP. “I am very happy to have joined GAP. The children in this project are from financially weaker sections, and therefore, I hope that this project will cover more children in the years to come. The GAP project is a blessing for these underprivileged children and will certainly play an important role in creating a bright future for them”. Bidisha Santra, 11, is from Anantapur Hooghly. His father works as a farm laborer to cultivate the land of others and his mother is a housewife. His brother and his grandparents depend on his parents. When she was admitted to the GAP project a few years ago, she was physically handicapped and couldn’t even play with other children. A shy and sad child, she was a burden on her family. Her distress touched the monks of GAP and she was admitted for treatment at Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan, Kolkata in late 2021. Surgery was performed to help her walk normally and she was discharged within days. Today she is a happy child who can walk almost like any other girl her age and she can look forward to a positive future. Puja Roy, mother of 9-year-old Shipra Roy, is delighted that her daughter is not only learning to read and write and receiving nutritious meals, but also learning to sing and draw with trained teachers. “We could never have offered our daughter the opportunity to learn so much through extracurricular activities if she hadn’t participated in the GAP project.” GAP teacher Aloke Chakraborty sees significant development in children over time. “Improvement in health is evident after eating nutritious meals for a few weeks. They are aware that cleanliness is important to maintain good health. growing for various activities and have acquired good manners. They have also acquired the habit of studying regularly and doing yoga. Familiarization with the culture is a boon for them. Medical checks are carried out regularly with the help of doctors qualified. GAP also ensures that children have appropriate clothing and footwear. Socks and schoolbags are distributed regularly by GAP so that no child feels deprived by their social situation. It is heartening to see children, who are like tender buds, blossoming into whole individuals through holistic upbringing.We are grateful to Ramakrishna Mission for their exceptional service that also helps us to realize our dream. A dream that started with our founding fathers who wanted to empower every Indian. Opinions expressed are personal


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