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By Express press service

BHUBANESWAR: At “Etching Tranquility,” an exhibition of sculptures by Calcutta-based artist Bimal Kundu in the capital, the creations are a conglomeration of folk and primitive art. A follower of semi-realistic cubism, he uses the freedom the art style affords – of simultaneity and multiple perspectives – in his designs that depict human emotions, animals, gods, goddesses and more.

Working with the medium of bronze, many of Kundu’s ‘Birpurush’, ‘Musician’ and ‘Meditation’ sculptures, among others, portray excellence in various aspects and vocations of life. Offering a glimpse of tranquility and blissful meditation, he moves between immersive stylization as depicted in his ‘Musician’ sculpture and the sober yet splendid ‘Saraswati’ sculpture.

One of the highlights of his exhibition is a realistic rendering of Swami Vivekanand in a sculpture titled “Swamiji”. In fact, the artist is inspired by the eternal beauty of divinity which is evident in his ‘Saraswati’ and ‘Ganesh’ sculptures.

“I was inspired by the idol makers of Kumartuli and grew up observing their skills. I found that clay played an important role in improving the quality of a work of art and made her amazing to look at,” explains the artist, who presents 22 bronze sculptures and 27 paintings (pen and ink) during the personal exhibition.
He enjoys working in a variety of mediums that suit his subjects and has an affinity for clean lines and striking designs that shows in all of his works. Inaugurated by Science Minister Ashok Panda on August 27, the exhibition takes place at the State Museum.


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