Miral Movie Review: ‘Ratchasan’ Maker’s New Thriller: ‘Miral’ Movie Review.! – bharath and vani bhojan’s miral movie review


Bharat, Vani Bhojan, K.S. Miral is a movie directed by Sakthivel starring Ravikumar, Rajkumar and others. Horror is mixed in the family background. Produced by Access Film Factory, this film is composed by Prasad. Both Bharat and Vani Bhojan, who are married for love, are living with their son. One day, Vani Bhojan has a dream that her husband and herself are killed by a mysterious person. And some of the incidents happening around them cause fear. Follow Tamil Samayam website on Google News to read the latest news immediately. The director has made Mral film focusing on the events that happen after that. Bharath decides to return home due to work after completing the worship of the family deity. Vijay Sethupathi: Is Vijay Sethupathi in such a pitiable state?: Fans are shocked. After leaving the town with his family, they get stuck in a forest. A mysterious person who appeared in Vanibhojan’s dream tries to kill all three of them. who is that Why does he want to kill Bharat’s family? That is the story of the film Mral. The director has chosen a different story and has not created a screenplay to strengthen it. Chandramukhi 2: Controversy actress joined in the film ‘Chandramukhi 2’: Adade Ivara…?The horror incidents and vivid scenes required for this type of thriller films are missing in the film. Director Sakthivel has given the film ‘Miral’ by mixing a story with horror incidents which is necessary for today’s society.


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