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Posted by on Tuesday January 18th, 2022

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The person who loves you unconditionally is your mother

She is unfailingly willing to bring you all kinds of help.

She’s the one who’ll hold you through thick and thin

She has an irrefutable part in your triumph and your victory

She waits in the wings to be of service to her children

It is his intrinsic propensity, both for his daughter or his son

In early childhood when the child does not verbalize

For them without kip, she wake up till sunrise

In defiance of what you hurt her, she holds her tongue

Whether you’ve grown old or still quite young

She deserves unlimited reverence and respect

The Quran even proclaims to say it uff “incorrect”

Know your worth, beneath your feet lies heaven

Only those who cherish their mother are lucky

(The poet is a columnist and a law student at the University of Kashmir. He tweets at ummar_jamal)


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