Ananda Vikatan – 16 November 2022 – Love Today – Movie Review | love today cinema review


If the love of the smartphone era is taken as an interesting movie focusing on the smartphone, it is ‘Love Today.’Utthaman knows that Pradeep and Nikita are in love and Nikita’s father Venu Shastri calls them and talks to them. In order to agree to the marriage, Villanga puts forward a villainous condition that both of them should exchange their mobile phones with each other one day. The story of the film is about the love couple who exchange phones, what are the secrets buried in it, do they overcome the problems and come together. Director Pradeep Ranganathan as the hero Pradeep. The girlfriend’s father enjoys being ‘good’ at first, erupting into a volcano when the girlfriend’s secrets are revealed, and then plunging when the secrets about him are revealed. But like thanking Vijay for the title of ‘Love Today’ in the title card, he has copied Dhanush’s body language in many scenes so that it seems that he can thank Dhanush too. Ivana as Kathali Nikita, has done a good job competing with all of them. Seniors Sathyaraj and Radhika are the biggest strength of this movie which is full of juniors only. Especially the scene where Radhika has a conversation with her son at the end is a stunner. It is commendable that Yogi Babu, who is known for caricature comedies, gave a message against it. Finally Bharat and Aditya Kathir among the hero’s group of friends are also guaranteed to laugh.Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is not humming, but the background music adds to the fun. Cinematography by Dinesh Purushothaman. Pradeep has brought in many interesting ideas such as Mangotta example, a battlefield trip to Instagram inbox, WhatsApp conversations converted into visuals, things centered around the contemporary 2K Kids world. At the same time, some obscene lines, frowning due to some things that should not be displayed, etc. slip. You can like ‘Love Today’ as it interestingly says that contemporary love is centered in technology and emphasizes that faith is the foundation of love in all times.


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