8th Karmayogi Prize 2021 awarded to Swami Chittaranjan Debbarma of Tripura


My Home India has awarded the 8th Karmayogi Prize 2021 to Tribal Religious Leader and Social Worker of Tripura, Swami Chittaranjan Debbarma.

My Home India is an organization that does special work for the North Eastern States.

My Home India workers are also helping people in the North East to overcome their problems faced in other states of the country.

Chittaranjan Debbarma, after his formal education, joined the service as Panchayat Secretary in Tripura.
During one of his official tours, he met Swami Shanti Kali Ji Maharaj.

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He was strongly influenced by Swami Shanti Kali Ji and became one of his disciples.

Swami Chittaranjan Debbarma’s attraction to social services brought him closer to his guru.

Later, when Swami Shanti Kali Ji Maharaj was assassinated by insurgents, Swami Chittaranjan Debbarma succeeded him and carried forward his guru’s initiations.

He has also expanded the activities of the Ashram for matters of education of the destitute, tribal welfare, organic farming, tailoring and others.

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Swami Chittaranjan Debbarma left his family to devote his whole life to society.
He is a yogi with karma as his supremacy.

“My Home India is proud to award the Swami Vivekanand Smriti Karmayogi Award 2021 to a Karmayogi who is transforming the lives of the marginalized in one of the most remote regions of our country. Come, let’s greet this Karmayogi together,” My Home India said.

Earlier in 2020, Dr. Subramaniam Bharati Konale received the 2020 Swami Vivekananda Smriti Karmayogi Award at Malaviya Smriti Bhavan.


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